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8 Questions That Other Contractors Hope You’ll Never Ask Them

It’s no secret that some contractors don’t have the purest of intentions. This is one of the biggest factors that leaves individuals wary of choosing a contractor for any type of job. One of the best ways to choose a contractor, however, is to ask questions, even if there are a number of questions that other contractors hope you’ll never ask. 

The Top Questions To Ask

The top questions to ask your contractor are those that might make other contractors feel like they’re being put under the spotlight. Our 8 questions that other contractors hope you’ll never ask them are: 

1. Do you have references? – Asking for a list of references is the single best way to see firsthand the experience you’re like to have. Your contractor should have a list of references you can contact for testimonials and experiences. 

2. How do you operate with subcontractors? – A lot of contractors will have subcontractors they use outside of their regular staff. Asking about them will give you insight into how the company operates.3. Do you provide written warranties? – A warranty only really counts when it’s in writing. Make sure all warranties or guarantees are written and honored. 

4. Have you ever had disciplinary action filed against you? – This might be an uncomfortable question to ask, but it’s an important one. Asking about any legal or disciplinary actions filed against a contractor will let you in on their trustworthiness. 

5. How often do you communicate with customers? – It’s important to keep up to date with the job at hand, and your contractor should be willing to communicate with you often. The answer they provide they’ll need to stick to in order to keep your trust as a customer. 

6. What does your safety record look like? – A safe contractor is a thorough contractor, and you are within your right to ask what type of safety record a contractor has. If a particular contractor tends to cut corners, they’ll likely cut corners in the safety department as well. 

7. May I have a copy of your liability insurance policy? – If a contractor does not have a liability insurance policy, you could run into trouble if they’re injured while working in your home. Having a copy on hand makes sure they’re completely insured. 

8. How many projects are you working on right now? – A contractor that is juggling a lot of jobs might look like a positive, as they’re in high demand, but this could lead to problems if you have a project deadline you need to meet. 

Work You Can Trust

A great contractor will be open to answering your questions, and they’re going to have well-thought answers you’re going to like. At Global Construction, our contractors are prepared to make sure you feel complete trust in the work we are prepared to do. If you’re looking for the perfect contractor to turn your project dreams into a reality, contact us for more information today. 


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