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6 Ideas for Office Remodeling

There may come a point when you will have to invest in office remodeling. Regardless of the reason why you find the need to have your office renovated, you will surely benefit from this project in more ways than one.

When it’s time to spruce up your office, you have to make the most of it. The more functional and cost-efficient features you can add, the better. If you’re looking for the best ways to improve your office, check out these ideas. All of these can help enhance not only the appearance of your office, but your employees’ mood and productivity as well. Furthermore, these additions can also help attract new candidates.

1. Add a leisure or gaming lounge

Designate a space where employees can relax during their breaks. Bring in comfy couches, and a shelf full of interesting books and magazines. Ideally, add a few games that your employees can play.

Gaming at work has been found to help make employees more productive, as it allows them to release stress. Gaming also breaks the monotony of work, exciting and perking up an individual. It also builds teamwork and rapport between staff.

2. Consider an open work station layout

Does your office still have cubicles? They’re one of the things you should consider ditching once you remodel your office. When you tear down the walls, your employees will be able to maintain better interaction and communication. This change also helps make a small office space look bigger.

3. Add a gym

Aside from gaming, exercising can also help relieve one of stress. It will also help make a person healthier. While you can offer gym membership vouchers or reimbursements, it’s unlikely that everyone will take advantage of that benefit. This is especially true if the employees work long hours.

Adding a few gym equipment in your office will encourage your employees to exercise during their breaks, helping them achieve “body goals” even while at the office. They will also surely love the thought of you looking out for their welfare.

4. Brighten it up with new paint

Of course, repainting will be included in the list of office remodel to-dos. When choosing colors, go for bright and bold colors that will give the space life and energy. Steer away from the usual neutral and bland colors that incite nothing but boredom.

If you’re unsure what colors to use, look at color psychology. Yellow exudes optimism and energy, while green promotes balance and harmony. Blue, on the other hand, is known to promote focus and efficiency. Orange is perfect for creativity.

5. Upgrade the pantry

A refrigerator, coffee machine, sink, and a few dining tables and chairs are not enough to make an office kitchen or pantry an attractive spot in the office. Meals are important. You should strive to make the pantry a place that employees will enjoy, not avoid.

Paint the place with bright colors and equip it with efficient appliances. Add dining sets enough to seat an average team. A vending machine for snacks and drinks will be a nice addition, too.

6. Upgrade the windows

Natural light helps boost a person’s mood. By adding in low-emissivity windows, you can keep window treatments light without letting in too much heat. As a result, more natural light can get in.

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