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What to Look For In A Reliable Commercial Construction Company

Outsourcing a commercial construction project to a professional contractor sounds like an easy enough task, but you will more likely than not find it overwhelming to choose the right option when presented with a litany of firms and contractors as options. Sifting through that list can be quite the chore, but is a worthwhile investment of your time to find good quality work at an equally quality price. To help you, we’ve prepared a few things to look out for to make sure you hire yourself a good commercial construction company.

Excellent Track Record

A trustworthy commercial construction company should be able to present a wide portfolio of past projects they’ve completed. Check if these projects are excellently done, do your research on them, and ask your potential picks about them extensively. A good indicator that the company is proud of their work is if they’re willing to give you references from previous clients to tell you about how it’s like to work with them. Make your calls, and if all is well, you should be in the clear to keep that company on your list as you narrow down your options.

Solid Cost Projections

Transparency is key in working with any professional, especially when huge commercial construction budgets come into play. When asking commercial construction companies about cost projections, keep in mind that these companies are more than experienced to give you a clear estimate. If they choose to keep giving you vague estimates instead of fixed costs, it’s quite likely that this company will sneak in additional costs later in the project that may lead you to go way off-budget. Remember that good companies know their worth. If one of your prospects promise you a low budget that’s almost too good to be true, expect that they may scrimp on your project, which will lead to huge problems for you later on.

Realistic Timelines

Make sure you have a clear deadline for the completion of your project before you even begin scouting for a commercial construction company to work with. Once you have that set, ask all your potential construction companies and contractors if they’re confident that they can finish that project on time. A reliable company should be able to promise to provide you with a step-by-step process of construction, with completion dates included. They should be able to include a grace period in the completion dates they provide you, given that delays do happen in almost any construction project.


Work with a commercial construction company that can finish all elements of your project, including purchasing supplies, filing for permits, designing the project, following zoning regulations, and more. If there’s a certain element in the project they cannot complete, they should also be able to find their own subcontractors to get the job done. A reliable construction company should be able to promise to get all this done while staying within your budget as well.

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