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Trendy or Timeless: 10 Things High End Properties MUST Have

1) Plank Flooring – Trendy and Timeless

While plank flooring like Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) is a relatively new material and the hot material for flooring, the look itself is a timeless classic dating back to the 1800s. The advancement in building materials has introduced new colors and finishes, but the look of wood will always be an appealing one. Manufactured plank flooring is a trend that I hope is here to stay and a must for giving units a feeling of luxury.

2) Upgraded Cabinets and Doors – Timeless

One of the main things that can set a Class A unit apart from lower tiers is cabinet build quality. Upon first glance, you can tell a sturdy box from a cheap one. A clean coat of paint or stain really ties a kitchen or bath together to create a timeless look.

3) Modern Hardware, Hinges, and Knobs – Trendy

When it comes to hardware, hinges, and knobs, you’re best off going with the trend. These items are easy to replace if necessary and often go in and out of style quickly. However, these are the details that can really date your property, if in doubt stick with brushed nickel.

4) Walk In Shower – Trendy

Nothing screams luxury like a nice shower. The current trend in shower design is glass doors and panels paired with large format tile surrounding walk in. When space permits, a stand alone tub is a great addition for an extra touch of class.

5) Closet Storage System – Timeless

If you really want to wow your tenants with a luxury offering, consider upgrading the closets with a storage system. This is a great option to really push a unit over the top and is a timeless option that everyone will love.

6) Cordless Window Coverings – Timeless

A little detail that I love to see in luxury properties is cordless blinds. They look and feel luxurious and can really spruce up a unit compared to other window covering options commonly offered.

7) New Power Receptacles – Trendy

The final touch I love to see in a unit is new power receptacles. While it isn’t a deal breaker to not have them, offering outlets with USB and USB-C plugs built in is a trend I hope to see grow.

8) Soft and Unique Lighting – Trendy

Lighting will always be one of the more trendy items in your kit. Styles change annually, but the one thing that doesn’t change is the appealing look of soft, diffused light. Trendy fixtures can really add to the style of a unit and should be paired alongside recessed can lights.

9) Undermount Kitchen & Bath Sinks – Timeless

No one has ever complained about an undermount sink. Not only do they look better, they are easier to clean. The kitchen sink and bathroom sink(s) should be undermount and counters should be hard surfaces in all luxury units.

10) Stainless or Black Appliances – Trendy

One of the most noticeable items in every rental unit is the appliances. White appliances are on the way out and stainless steel or black appear to be here to stay. Selecting a modern set of appliances is key to achieving the luxury feel.

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