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Interview with Dave Schunk: Why We’re Renovating VOA’s The Mission

Global Construction is currently in the process of updating Volunteers of America Colorado’s “The Mission.” I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dave Schunk, President and CEO at VOA Colorado, to discuss their mission, why they are renovating, and the impact it will have on the community.

What is Volunteers of America’s Purpose?

Dave: Volunteers of America’s purpose is to go anywhere we are asked and do anything we are required to help transform and build the lives of those in need.

What is the purpose of “The Mission?”

Dave: The Mission is a significant part of our legacy and part of our history. We are a faith based organization that serves anybody and everybody, but we come from a Christian heritage. In that regard, The Mission has been a key part of that. We’ve had a chapel that serves the homeless and integrates in a faith component. So, as we are feeding and allowing for homeless individuals to come here, to give them rest and respite, we are also giving them a place to develop spiritual relationships.

Global Construction is in the process of renovating The Mission’s chapel… Why is this project so important?

Dave: Well, first off, we are so grateful for [Global Construction] that they were able to come in and help us. We are a nonprofit, charitable institution and for us every dollar is precious and every dollar is tight. This is a very strategic and special renovation for us and for [Global Construction] to come in and do this for us when others could not, we are grateful.

But the reason we are doing this is we have this legacy program and this beautiful place that has served so many in need and for so long and yet, we have not renovated it for a long long time. It’s in need of it. What we are now doing is being able to provide a symbol if you will, an investment in our faith heritage and build a place that is warm and welcoming, but also give dignity to those that come here.

What is the scope of work for The Mission’s renovation?

Dave: The main focus of the renovation is the chapel are where we can now have services and privacy. We will have a place of separation. One of the key things is we’re building a wall with big wide open doors that can be opened to the sanctuary, but when we close those doors, it’s a special place, it’s set aside.

The second thing we’re doing is renovating our bathrooms including the plumbing structure which hasn’t been touched in a long long time.

How will this renovation benefit Volunteers of America?

Dave: First off, those experiencing homelessness coming into our building will have immediate recognition that this place is for them. Second is our employees. They’ll see the benefits of modernized facilities, but those that are faith based will also have the opportunity to worship here if they would like. Third is the actual community here. Volunteers of America believes in being a good neighbor and we do our best to integrate into the community we’re in. So if there are other pastors or church groups that would like to utilize our facilities, we’ll provide it to them.

How can people help Volunteers of America?

Dave: We have a very robust volunteer program and a number of activities to those that are interested. The best way to get involved is to go to our website where you’ll find any opportunities to volunteer. We have big group opportunities, individual and single, meals on wheels routes, or serve a meal at our kitchen here.

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