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Interview with Dave Schunk: Why We’re Renovating VOA’s The Mission

Global Construction is currently in the process of updating Volunteers of America Colorado's "The Mission." I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dave Schunk, President and CEO at VOA Colorado, to discuss their mission, why they are renovating, and the impact it will have on the community. What is Volunteers of America's Purpose? Dave:Read More »Interview with Dave Schunk: Why We’re Renovating VOA’s The Mission

When to Hire a General Contractor

What is a General Contractor Think of a General Contractor (GC) as a maestro conducting an orchestra. Obviously, he keeps the beat and cues the musicians during a concert, but he also prepares the musicians in rehearsal. Most importantly, the maestro considers every aspect of the music and how to make it as inspiring asRead More »When to Hire a General Contractor

Direct from the Field: How Our Team Utilizes BuilderTrend from Proposal to Completion

Utilizing some form of construction management software is essential to the successful completion of any commercial project. From planning to closeout, choosing a platform that gives your company the budgeting, tracking, communication, and resource management capabilities you need with a user-friendly dashboard is a must. Learn how our team benefits from BuilderTrend’s construction management software.

Maintaining your Apartment Property During Covid-19

As the tens of millions of Americans living in multifamily housing are facing these stay at home orders and transitioning to working remotely for the foreseeable future, a new group of essential workers are coming into the spotlight: the individuals who manage, maintain and fix the places we’ve been forced to retreat to.