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All companies prioritize projects that are critical to maintain the ordinary operating condition. Once those are handled, the focus shifts towards proposed CapEx projects that will drive efficiency or productivity.

At Global Construction, we want to set you up for success from the get-go. We understand that before undertaking a large scale Capital Improvement Project, standard functionality and maintenance issues must be addressed. Our seasoned professionals can uncover issues that are often missed by those inexperienced in structural, MEP, HVAC, and roof systems, permitting, building codes, and zoning regulations.

By bringing in our team early on, we can help identify and correct any problems now that might lead to expensive and time-consuming issues down the road. We can also make maintenance and repair recommendations based on future objectives at these early stages, reducing the potential for unnecessary spending.

Featured Case Study

Refreshing the Exterior of a Dated Senior Living Facility

The owner of this senior living facility had a big problem… There was demand in the area, but their property had a number of units still available. The property had good floor plans and was priced fairly for what was being offered, but was still not attracting tenants.


We understand the large costs and many risks associated with capital expenditures. Successful management and execution of a CapEx project are essential to the positive growth and success of the company while mismanaged and poorly executed projects can lead to its demise.

With over 4 decades of combined industry experience, our seasoned project managers are ready to tackle your project ensuring you get the maximum return on your investment.

Due Diligence & Site Inspections

From the standpoint of owners, investors, operators, and asset managers, capital expenditures must fulfill the strategic and operational objectives of the business and deliver a return on investment for more than one fiscal year.

Careful planning and execution of CapEx projects can make a substantial difference in the project’s bottom line almost immediately and in the long-term as well. At Global Construction, we approach all of our CapEx projects from the standpoint of a partner which is why it is crucial for us to qualify the type of work required and understand the project’s scope and objectives.

A professional assessment of the facility’s current condition is essential to accurately budget the project. Valid projections on materials, labor, and code compliance costs can only be formulated by experienced general contractors who are dealing with these numbers every day. Failure to precisely account for the true costs associated with a CapEx project in the very beginning can prove disastrous down the line.

Exterior Facelifts

From windows, siding, and exterior paint, to roofing, lighting, and staircases, we’re ready to give your property the wow factor necessary to sell the interior dream.

Interested in the details? Dive into some recent exterior facelift case studies showcasing how our team addressed the needs of our clients from start to finish.

Open Space & Landscaping

We are not just following orders, armed with a clear understanding of the business, where it is going, what opportunities it will pursue, and how it will flourish in the future, we become invested in the success of the project. Our general contractors go above and beyond, helping to steer the ownership team in the right direction for achieving the project’s goals, and easily adapting to changing market conditions.

Interested in the details? Watch how our team takes public spaces to the next level in these landscaping and exterior common space case studies.

Interior Conversions & Enhancements

We understand the proper scope for a capital improvement will depend on a number of factors including:

Market Forecasts – New Technology – Industry Trends – Price/Availability of Equipment & Materials – Impact of Interruption on Operations, Occupancy, & Resulting Revenue Loss –  Ability to Achieve Desired Increase in Property Value – Competition – Buy/Hold/Sell Strategy

Unlike most general contractors, we have the expertise to guide and manage the project in a way that is most beneficial for the ownership team. From material selection and procurement to resource allocation, to packaging the schedule, our ability to view the project holistically allows us to make suggestions that reduce costs and speed up the construction process.

Common Space Improvements

At Global Construction, we are well versed in overcoming the challenges involved with renovating occupied spaces. Our experienced professionals execute renovations on the areas targeted to maximize ROI and resident experience as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Curious about common spaces? Take a peek at these case studies to see how refreshing interior areas can drastically improve the look and feel of the property.

Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC

“We are looking out for everyone’s success. The owners, the investors, the future clients, the subs, and ensure our focus remains on the revenue-enhancing components.”

Behind the walls and ceilings lie essential components. Take a peek at case studies surrounding upgrades to these building systems.

Let’s Talk.

With over 50 years of commercial construction management experience and over $1.2 billion in volume, Kapella Group has become expertly qualified in owner representation serving Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Florida, Washington, Oregon, California, and New Mexico.