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Continuing education is a crucial part of company culture here at Global Construction. In order to maintain the level of quality and service that we are known for, we must ensure that our ownership and management team are thought leaders in their field and are invested in transferring their knowledge to the rest of our team.

Whether it is staying up to date on best practices, safety procedures, licenses, and regulations or deepening our knowledge and specializations, we are constantly learning and improving in order to advise and lead with confidence.

We are proud to set the bar for employee education and are happy to share our resources and training manuals with fellow industry professionals. We hope you find them helpful!

Training Fundamentals of Soil Mechanics & Concrete

June 29, 2020 – Global Construction

Table Of Contents:
– Soil Types
– Types of Soil Compaction
– Compact Soils
– Soil Gradation
– Soil Moisture Content
– Atterberg Limits Test
– Laboratory & Field Compaction Tests
– Types of Compaction Equipment

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