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For tenets of senior living facilities, choosing the best place to live boils down to a combination of location, price, amenities, floorplan, and the property’s aesthetics. Having an appealing property both inside and out is often the best way to fill units in a hurry. However, first impressions matter most and a dated exterior façade could be preventing your property from operating at or near capacity. You could offer freshly remodeled rooms with high end kitchens and bathrooms, but if your exterior paint is peeling and the siding is falling away, potential customers may choose to steer clear of your property. That was the case for the customer in this case study.

The Solution

Step 1) Initial Assessment of Exterior: Before getting started, Kapella Group ran an initial assessment of the entire property. The goal was to identify any and all failed window seals, broken window grids, rotting trim, peeling or faded paint, failing siding, and cracked concrete. From here, Kapella Group’s team of experts carefully evaluated the full scope of the project to produce an accurate estimated timeline and budget.

Step 2) Out with the Old: After our initial assessment it became clear that it would be better to replace failing windows and siding instead of attempting to repair. The majority of the building’s windows were removed along with areas of trim and siding with the most damage. We also determined that a few common areas and a large portion of the parking lot would need new concrete.

Step 3) In with the New: New windows, siding, and trim were then installed by our in-house team of expert general contractors and project managers to ensure projects stay on budget and on schedule. Concrete was subcontracted out to a vetted vendor, but still managed by Kapella Group’s project manager to simplify the process and collaborate and communicate effectively.

Step 4) Finishing Touches: Finally, our painters finished the job by sealing all windows and applying a fresh coat of paint to the entire exterior of the building.

The Results

It is critical to stay competitive with new lease-ups both in ROI as well as resident experience. Upon completion of the project, the property immediately saw an uptick in new resident applications. Additionally, Kapella was able to stay on-budget thanks to up front scoping and strategic planning. This has helped the project realize a positive ROI just a few years after completion of the exterior refresh.

Let’s Talk.

With over 50 years of commercial construction management experience and over $1.2 billion in volume, Kapella Group has become expertly qualified in owner representation serving Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Florida, Washington, Oregon, California, and New Mexico.