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General Contracting

As the party responsible for construction project oversight and the ones who enter into the prime contract with the property owner, our seasoned commercial contractors have the knowledge, relationships, and experience to expertly execute your commercial project.

From renovations to CapEx projects to ground-up construction, we are ready to manage and guide all phases of your projects build from beginning to end. We are here to establish a peace of mind for the ownership team and ensure the most proper and efficient completion of your project.

Our familiarity with on-site protocols such as securing the property, providing temporary utilities on site, managing personnel on-site, providing site surveying and engineering, disposing or recycling of construction waste, monitoring schedules, enforcing proper safety precautions, and maintaining accurate records means you are in good hands.


In the simplest terms, a commercial contractor acts as the glue for your project. They connect all of the people and materials involved and then maintain that connection for the project’s duration.

They are your eyes and ears in the field, managing the dynamic between the employees and outside vendors, methodically overseeing the build, and efficiently addressing any issues that arise. They are trained professionals, with the qualifications and experience necessary to ensure your project is completed on time, on budget, and at the expected level of quality.

Offload Project Oversight

Effectively coordinating and executing numerous operations while monitoring the entire construction process is a full-time job. Understanding the intricacies of permitting, scheduling, procurement of materials, inspections, and subcontractor management are skills acquired through decades of experience.

Our seasoned project managers confidently lead the selected team of construction workers and trade professionals. We will handle all communication with other parties involved such as architects, interior designers, engineers, and material suppliers so you can rest assured that everyone is on the same page.

Transfer Liability

Having a licensed commercial contractor overseeing your project is a must. Most states and/or local jurisdictions require that a contractor is licensed, carries substantial insurance, and in some cases is bonded as well.

At Global Construction, we are properly licensed, insured, and bonded when required in Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, Kansas, and Florida. We are insured with general liability plus an umbrella, commercial vehicle insurance, and workman’s compensation for all of our employees.

We are further verified through multiple well-known vendor vetting companies that ensure that general contractors’ insurances and licenses are up to date, taking the responsibility off of the ownership team.

Take Advantage of Established Subcontractor and Vendor Relationships

At Global Construction we have a comprehensive understanding of the specific skills and equipment necessary to complete each facet of your build. Our longstanding relationships with subcontractors in different specializations mean we know exactly whom to hire and trust with different aspects of your project.

In addition to our subcontractor relationships, our supplier partnerships also play an essential role in the success of our projects. Our ability to order in bulk allows us to procure higher quality materials at a lower cost and stay up to date with the latest products.

Manage Equipment and Procurement of Materials

Hunting through catalogs selecting materials without any real-life knowledge of their application can prove disastrous for a project. Our familiarity with a wide range of materials and the equipment necessary for their application allows us to advise on material selection to best fit your project objectives and budget.

Our expectation of timeliness and understanding of materials pipelines allows us to have our job costing, scheduling, and dispatching worked out to a tee. Furthermore, we are able to keep abreast of any potential supply chain issues mitigating their potential impact on your project budget and timeline. By streamlining the procurement process and taking care of all of the equipment management, our general contractors skillfully improve resource allocation as a whole.

We are further verified through multiple well-known vendor vetting companies that ensure that general contractors’ insurances and licenses are up to date, taking the responsibility off of the ownership team.

Ensure Proper Permitting, Code Compliance, and Zoning Regulations

In order to start construction state and county officials must sign off on your location specifications. Trying to figure out which permits you will need can require extensive research, and a general contractor’s license is often required to obtain them.

At Global Construction, we have built all across the country and have a keen understanding of location-specific building codes and which permits will be necessary for different types of projects. From ADA to Fire Safety, to EPA materials regulations and OSHA compliance, we know from the get-go what we are up against and how to best integrate the permitting and inspection process seamlessly into your project timeline.

Capitalize on In-House Trade Specializations

Unlike many General Contractors, we have a skilled labor crew in-house. This has many advantages, ultimately saving our clients time and money while providing a higher quality of the work at the same time. From demolition to plumbing, to drywall, to flooring, our direct employees are held to a higher standard than most contracted workers and operate with the care, attention to detail and quality workmanship Global Construction is known for. They are able to lead all the teams on site, holding them to the same expectations while working alongside them.

We’re not just trading bids and jacking up the price like the less experienced General Contractors. As a seasoned and sophisticated company, we are going to save you money at the end of the day because we do this for a living. Our clients are paying for our expertise, our relationships, our leadership, our standards of quality and service, and our in-house team.

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With over 50 years of commercial construction management experience and over $1.2 billion in volume, Kapella Group has become expertly qualified in owner representation serving Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Florida, Washington, Oregon, California, and New Mexico.