Denis K.

CEO & General Contractor

Denis started working in construction 18 years ago as a helper. Within a year he worked himself up to a lead carpenter. Denis holds an accounting degree and he also graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management in 2010. After graduating, he was offered a position to consult with one of the leading engineering firms in Akyem, Ghana. The project included all the road and power infrastructure. There were 243 houses, 3 churches and the local school. After Ghana, he transferred back to the United States and was a consultant on many mine sites in Colorado and Nevada. Denis has built some of the most complex projects in the world.

Donnie B.

Construction Maintenance Supervisor

Donnie recently moved here from Arizona and has been working in the maintenance/construction industry for 20 years now. Over that time, he has been nominated for multiple multi-housing awards. He is an expert in commercial, residential, and multi-housing maintenance and alongside that has 18 years of specliazation as a pipefitter and plumber.

Leslie K.

Strategicic Development Manager

Leslie has over a decade of strategic planning and marketing experience. Originally from Vermont, she moved to Colorado in 2009 to attend Colorado College, where she graduated with Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts. Leslie has worked in a variety of different fields, from restaurants to ad agencies, to fashion and construction, allowing her to develop a diversified understanding of business development and marketing strategies and best practices.

Erik G.

Business Development Manager

Erik is a Colorado native, born and raised in the Denver metro area and a graduate of Evergreen High School. Erik got his start in the construction business in 1987 working for a construction supply company in Mesa AZ while attending Arizona State University. He learned the Stonemason trade and progressed through the various stages of the construction process for many years before becoming a partner in a General Contracting company in Phoenix, AZ. He has taken an active role in projects including site selection, design, and interior finishes.

Steve P.

Preconstruction Manager

Steve P. a husband, father and grandfather, Steve started working in construction soon after high school. Previous to moving to Colorado in the ’80s, he was born and raised in the Dakotas and brings a naturally strong work ethic and passion to achieve. He has a multitude of experience including building a multimillion-dollar a year construction services company; residential and commercial new construction; and residential, HOA, and multifamily renovations, maintenance, and capital improvements. Always seeking to improve, Steve’s philosophy is to grow business revenue by serving customers exceptionally well. He thrives on raising people up by promoting professionalism, personal growth, and careers in the construction industry.

Our Subcontractors

At Global Construction, we are very selective about which subcontractors we choose for each job. They must have a history of experience in the specific task, carry the proper licensing, have the necessary equipment, be familiar with any particular safety protocols, demonstrate an expert understanding of the required materials, and have a keen awareness of our needs and expectations for each individual project.

Read About Our Subcontractors

Yuriy K.

Co-Owner & Master Plumber

Yuriy started Global Construction in May of 2014 with his step-son, Denis Koval. Yuriy moved to Denver in 1995 from New York City. He started his plumbing apprenticeship shortly after. In nine short years, he had his Master Plumbing License. Yuriy has been a Master Plumber since 2004. With a ton of experience, he knows most of everything! He was also an ambulance driver in New York City prior to living in Denver. He does not miss New York City! He is co-owner of Global Construction with his step-son, Denis Koval.

Bruce R.

Business Development Strategist

Bruce is a Colorado native, born and raised in the Denver metro area and a graduate of Regis University. Bruce has been in the construction industry since 2008. He has extensive commercial experience working in multi-housing, and senior living markets as well as experience with high-end residential projects. He has worked with corporations, construction contractors, architectural and engineering groups from concept, design, and preconstruction through to closeout. In his career, he has managed over 300 projects including roofing, buildout, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, interior & exterior finishes, landscaping, and concrete work. His passion for the industry is reflected in his ability to establish and maintain long-standing relationships.

Val K.

Director of Fun


Val loves going to school because you can learn math. She also loves doing cool stuff and buying toys!