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Project Log: Volunteers of America


Tuesday, December 13th

Last week, our demolition crew came back to complete the bathroom demolition at The Mission. After saw cutting the slab the crew began trenching the underlying soil to reveal the drain pipes. While excavating, we discovered a grade beam which we needed to investigate before proceeding with excavation in that area.

Unfortunately, we needed to revise the layout of the men’s restroom due to beam being in the way of a toilet location. After that, we were able to proceed with trenching. Yuriy, our in-house master plumber pulled string lines for the walls so he would know where to pipe his plumbing. Yesterday, plumbing work was completed.

Today we passed our underground/plumbing inspection. Next up is backfill and slab replacement.

– Kyle May, Marketing Specialist

Wednesday, November 30th

Before proceeding with demolition of the bathrooms at The Mission, we need to make sure that the concrete slab is clear of electrical and plumbing. The only way to accomplishing this is to complete a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) scan. A GPR scan of walls or slabs evaluates the internal structure of concrete, the presence of foreign elements, and the location of the rebar, which results in a 3D model or a GPR concrete imaging of the section.

The scan revealed nothing in the slab itself which likely means the existing plumbing and sewage lines are buried in the soil that the slab was poured on. This is good for us and means we can proceed with demolition without worrying about damaging the existing plumbing.

Going forward, we will be removing a section of the slab to relocate the drains for the toilets and sinks and create a better layout compared to the original bathroom design. Stay tuned for more updates.

– Kyle May, Marketing Specialist

Monday, November 21st

We’re back at Volunteers of America, but this time we’re not here for construction. Instead, we’re volunteering for VOA’s annual Thanksgiving Turkey Drive. If you’re wondering where we’re at on this project, demo is complete and our master plumber, Yuriy is working on repairing the old plumbing in the old bathrooms.

Today, myself and Brittany Gramm from Global Construction along with Sean Robnett and Brandon Barr from Kapella Roofing headed to The Mission in Denver to help pack bags with canned goods and Safeway gift cards to hand out to the homeless. This year, VOA will be handing out over 1000 Thanksgiving meals to Denver’s homeless population.

– Kyle May, Marketing Specialist

Wednesday, November 16th

Our project with Volunteers of America has officially started. We will be renovating a chapel inside of the building in order to create a more sacred space for worship which will hopefully encourage more of The Mission’s visitors to seek spiritual help in addition to the help Volunteers of America provides.

Today marks the start of the project which means it is demo day. Before we got started, we added a new wall to better separate the dining area from the chapel. In order to avoid damage during demo, we only installed the framing then installed a plastic sheet to keep the dust in and away from space still being used by VOA.

After that, we began demolition by removing ceiling tiles, the old carpet squares, an old stage and altar. Part of this project is remodeling the old bathrooms. We removed the bathroom walls to access plumbing, which needed to be replaced and chipped away at the 1 inch tiles on the bathroom floors.

– Kyle May, Marketing Specialist